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Gordy Johnson is a freelance event production professional, specifically focusing on the audio needs of televised and live event productions.
Fluent in all aspects of live and televised content.
For sound systems and field audio mixing, Gordy brings state of the art audio equipment and a highly developed ear.

International and National live-action sports announcer Gordy Johnson knows how to lift an audience of thousands. He brings passion, excitement and emotion to the moment.

The recognizable and professional voice heard on national broadcast sports networks, including ESPN, NBC, CBS and Fox.

Perceptive to audience energy and a natural, spontaneous ability to think on his feet. His positive voice raises the bar of excellence to influence and entertain, with confidence.

tony hawk
Announcer/Emcee at the 1999 X-Games and one of the top 10 historic moments in action sports history. Gordy was instrumental in his intuition to recognize when history is about to be made, as seen and heard when Tony Hawk landed the first ever 900. ( Click Tony Hawk image to enjoy the action.)

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I have the systems to suit all your needs.

From World class sporting events to television to private parties. I bring the right audio gear to enhance any event.
Gordy Johnson - 7gordy7audio

Live Audio

State of the art pro-live audio featuring Mackie, Carvin, Apogee and Apple.

Packages Starting at $299 per day.

Gordy Johnson - 7gordy7audio

Field Audio Recording

High quality sound production in the most trying of environments.

Competitive Hourly, Daily and Weekly Rates

Gordy Johnson - 7gordy7audio

Event MC/Voiceover

Fully trained and qualified with proven track record heard on NBC, CBS, ESPN.

From $300 per day (based on project)

Stellar Service, Great Rates and On Time Arrival.

Gordy Johnson - 7gordy7audio

Narration and Voiceover

Watch this amazing documentary about disabled athletes and wounded warriors in the Alaskan Wilderness. As featured in the Telluride Mountain Film Festival.

Click to watch this video

Gordy Johnson - 7gordy7audio

Live Event Production

Audio, music and announcer.

Gordy Johnson - 7gordy7audio

Host Announcer

National Mountain Bike series in Fontana, Ca

Gordy Johnson - 7gordy7audio

Crowd Control

Gordy has that unique ability to raise a crowd to fever pitch.

Gordy Johnson - 7gordy7audio

No location too remote


Gordy Johnson - 7gordy7audio

Pre-production to Podium

Lake Placid, New York.

Gordy Johnson - 7gordy7audio

Helping Others

Disabled Sports Eastern Sierra trainer/coach.

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Mobile # (760) 861 8432

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